Non-Suzuki-related plug for The Sing-Off and Pentatonix

This may seem out of place in my blog about Suzuki guitar, but as someone who loves music, I cannot say enough good things about NBC’s The Sing-Off. (And no, I have no connection to the show. I’m just a fan.) The singing groups on this show — a competition among a cappella singing groups doing popular music, in case you don’t know — are just remarkable.

I am particularly in love with Pentatonix. They consistently deliver creative and technically outstanding performances, and they are simply adorable. I love the fact that the three main singers are 19 years old and sang together all through high school. I also find it incredibly charming that their main front man, Scott Hoying, took second place on Star Search when he was 12 years old, and here he is again competing on a singing show. These kids just love to sing, and they demonstrate outstanding musicianship. Anyone who loves music has to admire what they do.

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