Lice! (and Pentatonix!)

Posting’s been even lighter than usual because for the past several days, I’ve been spending a ton of time inspecting M’s and her mom’s heads for lice and nits (and being inspected in turn). After four solid days, M was entirely louse-free.

What a way to spend the Thanksgiving weekend!

But on an unrelated note, Pentatonix triumphed in the Sing-Off, showing that sometimes talent is rewarded.

And speaking of singing harmony, I had a surprise from M today: She was watching Wild Kratts as I inspected her head again (clean), and she sang along with the theme song in harmony. It was only for two notes, but still — it appeared to me that she was making up the harmony on her own. The one time we tried singing a round, it didn’t work out — M got pulled off of her part onto mine. But apparently she is learning harmony by osmosis.

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