Pachelbel’s canon, Meadow Minuet

Good lesson today, half before dinner and half after. M earned pop beads during the first half of the lesson and assembled the earned beads in between items. After dinner, M wanted to play War (the card game). So we did.

We worked on two things: (1) Pachelbel’s canon (two 4-bar sections), and (2) Meadow Minuet.

The Pachelbel’s canon stuff went well. We listened to some Youtube videos of it first, then practiced the parts her teacher assigned. After we practiced the measures together, we had a little fun playing the first two bars together, her on one part and me on the other.

After dinner, we tried to add bass notes in the D section. M’s mental picture of this piece isn’t solid enough. We practiced the first half or so of the section, but it was rocky. I ended the lesson before things went really south, though, and overall, we got a fair amount done in a pretty cooperative spirit.

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