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  1. Dear Suzuki dad, where are you? You were a regular poster and yet at some point you suddenly stopped writing. And yes, your blog was read. Like me, many others found out about this guitar method, found comfort in not being alone in fight with kids that find that practice is boring and maybe we can skip today, please? And also, many others quietly read, not commenting.
    In silence, many people might have read your post and you possibly changed minds, attitudes and gave some of them food for thought about parenting.
    I am sorry to see that you vanished.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I really enjoyed blogging, and I have enjoyed hearing from commenters such as yourself.

      My daughter quit playing the guitar this spring. I’m still sad and unhappy about it and am not sure what to say. I have often thought about posting some more about how things went and what I would do differently in retrospect. Your comment encourages me to do so. It’s hard, though, because I feel pretty bad about how things went and about where things are today.

      Your message does make me think that I should write something. It’s just hard.

      1. You are a wonderful dad! Do not feel sad. You might never know what will come later. I played violin when I was little, for 8 years, never touched it since I stopped. Like your daughter, I started very early, at 4. I never liked violin, always fancied piano. Was never ment to be, but the music surely helped my development in many other ways. Your daugher will always have the musical feeling imprinted in her mind, and she might discover later on another instrument, or even pick up guitar again.
        It is hard to be parent, and things do not turn always the way we hope. But as much as we invest in them, time, energy, knowledge, will serve them later in a way or another. I am sorry too you have stopped, she was really good, at book 3 already… Maybe she will change her mind, now she is in school and this skill is gold and what can be more cool than playing guitar in front of friends in a couple of years? This is how I try to keep my son motivated and a school event helped to give him a real glimpse of fame and glory taste. When working, because work is hard and boring, we are always reminding of the moment of triumph and for now it keeps us going.
        Good luck to you and your daughter and thank you for all the knowledge you shared!
        write back some day that she realized the beauty of it and come back on playing. And if she has talent, tell her this is a responsibility as much as a gift and others have the right to enjoy it coming from her.

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