Update about chairs and stools on gear page

A parent admired my daughter’s stool at this weekend’s Suzuki Association of Minnesota graduation event, so I’ve updated my gear page by adding more info about chairs and stools. I also added some more info about tuners. Check it out!

(And yes, I know the blog has seemed moribund. But do not despair! I plan to return to regular posting soon.)

4 thoughts on “Update about chairs and stools on gear page”

  1. I had a Snark tuner, but it broke literally the first day I used it. One of the ‘clips’ surrounding the ball joint snapped off. I have three Intelli clip-ons (http://www.amazon.com/Intelli-IMT500-Chromatic-Digital-Strings/dp/B002Q0WSO8/ref=sr_1_3?s=musical-instruments&ie=UTF8&qid=1332073139&sr=1-3) which I use for guitar and cello.

    I have three because I’m good at losing stuff. When I can’t find one, I suspect that my kids hid it to delay practice. 🙂

    1. Mel, thanks for commenting. Perhaps Snark’s quality control isn’t the best. All I know is that they’re super-cheap, my first one is going strong after a year of daily use, and my second one seems to be holding up too. But I see that the Intellis are cheap too, so they’re a good choice, and I updated my gear page to mention them.

      The main thing I’d like to see is more parents with clip-on tuners who know how to use them. In our little world, I’m always surprised that parents don’t put more effort into learning how to tune and then keeping their kids’ instruments in tune. In a group setting, it’s just a waste of a teacher’s time to have to tune every kid’s instrument.

  2. My son is 6 1/2 and is starting Suzuki guitar. I saw you recommend the stagg stool and am wondering if this stool would be a better fit for his height or if the percussion plus will be short enough?He is fairly tall for his age. He is around 47 Inches tall. I value instruments and equipment that fit well.

    1. Nicole, I think that the Stagg stool is by far a better bet. My daughter is 48″ tall and has been using the Stagg stool on its lowest setting since March, when she was probably the same height as your son. It has two higher settings, the top one of which puts the seat at 15″, so it will last for a while. The Stagg stool is more solidly made than the Percussion Plus stool. There’s really no benefit that I can see to getting a Percussion Plus stool.

      Good luck, and thanks for visiting!

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