Curse you, April Fool’s Day!

I still felt pretty bad today, but I was able to get up with enough time to do a short (15-minute) before-school lesson. M was very cooperative.

Our evening lesson was not so great. She kept wanting to do stupid things and call them April Fool’s jokes. I tried to be patient.

Before jumping into the Bach Tanz, I asked her to play Meadow Minuet. She did a nice job on the first 3 sections; she almost forgot to play the last one and made a few note mistakes in it. But it was pretty good given how many days we laid off it.

The Bach Tanz was a little disappointing. We started by practicing the transition from tosto/end of A section to natural/beginning of B section. It took a while, but she eventually got it. I then had her run through the whole song. The notes were fairly accurate, and she remembered to play a tosto repeated A section, but she mostly forgot her vibrato and forgot to play a tosto repeated C section. In fact, she almost forgot to repeat the CD sections.

This is a common pattern (seen in Meadow Minuet earlier): She lets her mind wander and gives up on the song before it is over.

I asked her to play the Tanz again, and it got worse: She went from the initial AB sections right into CD, totally skipping the repeat.

Rightly or wrongly, I decided that nothing good would come of continuing, so I told her we’d practice in the morning. We practiced for about a half an hour in total.

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