Another good day

This morning, we worked on Pachelbel’s Canon. M’s left hand looks particularly good. We spent about 20 minutes getting two measures in shape.

After dinner, we spent about another 20 minutes doing two things. First, I asked M to conduct while I sang Meadow Minuet. Next, I asked M to pick a review song and toss out a note; she picked Lightly Row.

The conducting actually didn’t quite work as planned. I wanted to get her thinking about the song’s structure, so I hoped to have her say each section letter (A, B, C, and D) on the first beat of the section. But she had a very hard time keeping her conducting pattern steady, so adding the letters wasn’t feasible. Still, we went through it four or five times, and I’m sure it helped imprint the song in her head.

On Lightly Row, it took a few repetitions for her to get the song right before we did the toss out. It then took two more repetitions to get the toss-out version right. By the end, though, she was really focusing on hearing and playing the song, so I thought it furthered my goal of helping M improve her ability to concentrate.

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