One step forward, two steps back

M was very tired today (she fell asleep at rest time in school, which never happens). But she cooperated pretty well during a relatively short lesson.

We started by again shadow practicing the D section. She made some mistakes at first, but got the hang of it.

When we played the D section, her note accuracy was much improved, but I noticed a new rhythm problem: she was playing the first measure, which should be a 1/2 note plus two 1/8 notes, as three 1/4 notes. So we had to work on that. This occasioned some resistance, but it wasn’t serious.

Next, we played the C section. This was much worse than it has been, probably because I didn’t start her off with the ball under her hand. Without the ball, her hand — and more specifically, her thumb — was flying all over the place, which caused her to play the wrong string with the right hand on a lot of notes. I gave her the ball back, which helped some, but I basically decided to move on rather than staying on this problem. It should be easy enough to take care of.

Finally, we worked on the Canon briefly, because M likes to read music and I wanted to end with a treat. We played the easy 1/2-note section a few times, followed by the third section, which sounded terrific. We then briefly tried to go through the new second section, and that sounded pretty good for how new it is.

A pretty good day.

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