House concert

M and I began by practicing the Canon, including a 4-bar section that we started only yesterday, to show off for S (her mom). Unfortunately, S had a tough day and wasn’t really planning to be an audience. And it didn’t help that I asked S to try to use Dweckian praise only, namely, to praise M’s effort. S doesn’t really know how hard M has been working on this song, and it didn’t sound great because it’s so new, so S was a little nonplussed.

M didn’t seem to mind, though.

After the house concert, M and I worked on adding bass notes to Meadow Minuet. The first section is getting better, though she’s still having a hard time remembering to play the open E and B rather than fretting them.¬†For review, we tried syncopated Perpetual Motion. It was rusty, but M seemed to have fun.

Overally, a pretty good practice.

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