Double lessons, no problems

M and I both got up earlier than usual so we would have time for a lesson after breakfast. We had about 30 minutes available, but I didn’t have my watch and the clock in the practice room was fast, so we only ended up doing about 20 minutes. Still, it was fairly productive: we ran through the Twinkles to prepare for the upcoming graduation, then we worked a little on Meadow Minuet.

She did one cool thing on her own in the morning: She started picking out Lightly Row in a different key.

After dinner, our regular lesson also went fairly well. We only did two things: Meadow Minuet and the Twinkles. Her right-hand position leaves something to be desired (wrist too low, hand falls over).

On Meadow Minuet, M kept making some note mistakes, so we played the problem 2-measure section over until she got it right 10 times in a row. It took a while.

She’s ready to begin putting the bass notes and the melody line together.

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