Another good (mostly) predinner practice

Today was a snow day for the family, so we were able to do most of our practice before dinner. We did:

  • Note reading two ways: the see-say note page (note names) @ 40 bpm, and the 50-measure hurdles with fruit rhythms
  • G scale on the G string (saying note names; saying step constructions; and knocking)
  • Lightly Row and Go Tell Aunt Rhody as a right-hand “workout” exercise
  • The Fuhrman Tanz
  • The D section of Meadow Minuet (melody only)

Today we started with note reading off the instrument, and M had fun with it. It’s nice to be able to ease into the lesson by sitting together on the couch and reading together.

After some of the practice items, I gave M blank playing cards that I got a while ago, and I gave her some time to write on them. She decided to write the names of the songs plus a “secret code” that only she and I know. The code was an arbitrary string of numbers, like so:

Song cards with secret codes

I think everything else went pretty well, but sadly, I’m writing this the next day, which means I can’t remember all the details. Must blog every day!

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