Sight reading, singing

Short lesson today because I had a class tonight. M and I did:

  • Sight reading in Read This First. We worked on the transition from one line to the next, to eliminate the pause she introduces at the beginning of a new line as she orients herself.
  • We practiced the first 8 bars of Meadow Minuet and moved on to the next 8 bars.¬†We listened first, and she can sing the melody easily, but she struggled with playing it. So we sang it at the top of our lungs a few times.

Before our lesson, we were discussing review, and she asked, “Can we do a lesson that’s all review some time?” I said yes.

I’ve been watching some videos that the Suzuki Association is making available in their “Parents as Partners Online” webinar. Some are very helpful, and I plan to post my notes for future reference. They really reinforce the importance of review.

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